Punta Del Este


Mar 25, 2008
Hey there everyone...

I'm planning a trip to Punta Del Este and I wanted to get some advice before I start booking rentals, transport, etc.

Right now my plan is to go around 4-Feb-2010, stay until 11-Feb-2010 and rent a house for the week. I'm not sure how much I can trust renting a house considering it would be way cheaper to rent a house in La Barra for a week than to try to get a hotel room; it doesn't add up. I'm also a little concerned from what I've read that everyone tends to leave PDE at the end of January and I'm not sure of the effect Carnival would have on people's desire to travel. What I'm looking for is a wild time with younger friends (around 23) so I'm concerned I'm going to miss the high season with them. Can anyone who has been or planned a trip give me some information on whether or not I have a good plan, how expensive it will be, if a house rental is a good idea, if I should rent a car, etc.? Basically, anything I should consider before booking in the next few weeks.

Hi Peter,

I LOVE PUNTA!!! Here are my words of wisdom...

First of all, everyone rents by the quincena. So you either pick the first two or the last two weeks of the month to go. Honestly, I don't even know if you can rent for only one week. If you wait to the last minute, maybe, because someone who didn't rent their house for the quincena may accept this.

January is traditionally the wild and crazy time to go. That's when all the models, actors, and paparazzi go. Literally, the place is packed with famous people, with fashion shows and beach parties galore. February is generally when families go, to avoid the insanity of January, so it's a slightly quieter scene. However, your vacation is what you make of it! I went during the first quincena of February the last two years, and can attest to the fact that there is definately still a huge party following. Clubs, restaurants, bars, casino - wherever you go, you will find a young hip crowd. It's freaking Punta! Obviously there are partiers! And Carnival has absolutely no effect on the Punta vacationers.

A car is a must!!! There are so many different beaches, all with so many different vibes that you have to have a car to get the full Punta experience. La Barra is for sure one of the coolest places. Actually, last year when we were there, we looked into renting a house in La Barra for this year. It's not cheap!!! We will probably look into heading out more towards Playa Montoya. Anyways, the real estate agent told us that official prices don't get set until after Columbus Day weekend.

Good luck with your vacation plans! You seriously cannot go wrong, no matter when you go, with a vacation in Punta del Este!

Glad to see this post.

Stephie's right, they traditionally rent houses for a minimum of 2 weeks during season. After, before, it's all more negotiable.

You should get a car, and just rent anyplace in the forest (paradas) which is a lot cheaper and you can be close to everything.
During the Holidays it's just crazy, unimaginable amount$ of explosions light the night for a week. Parties 24/7
hrschbck said:
Hey there everyone...

What I'm looking for is a wild time with younger friends (around 23) so I'm concerned I'm going to miss the high season with them.

If that's what you're looking for, from christmas to mid january would be the best time to go (new year's eve is the best by far). After February more older crowds go, but that shouldn't stop you form going.
Good luck! And do not forget to change all locks as soon as you get there.
It is common there and here, since many people rented the house/apartment and may have a copy of them.
So when you leave for the beach, they walk in and clean you up.
How do you change the locks on a house you are renting from someone else?