Quality Argentine Products

My regular kitchen stockists:

Familia Beaudroit Yogurts. You can buy online and they deliver in CABA directly from their factory.

Santi Cheese Market. Same as above.

Manuka Granola. Same as above. Also a lot of healthy dry snack and baking products. The company was set up to help NGOs.

For those who get tired of cooking at home, TUCO Catering and VinoTinto also provide restaurant quality meals for you to heat at home.
What kind of products? We've got both an airfryer and a slow juicer from Peabody, it seems to be an upmarket Argentinian brand and so far both are working fine for us. On the downside, though you didn't ask, are Patrick fridges and BGH aircon. We're still undecided on Longvie washer/driers, we have one, it stopped drying, finally got an official service technician (in lockdown) who fixed it and said it's a safety mechanism if we overload the drier. If it happens again he'll show us how to reset the thing. At least it's under guarantee and the service visit was free for us.
Nice suggestions on the food. Does anyone know any musical instruments made in Argentina?
Nice suggestions on the food. Does anyone know any musical instruments made in Argentina?
What sort of musical instruments? The bandoneon is classic but reasonable ones sell for a small fortune. I am not so impressed by factory made stringed instruments but charrangos and guitars, violins etc made by individual builders will rival those made anywhere. I don't know a lot about brass & woodwind instruments, I'm afraid.
Thought there was a chance some nylon string guitars were made there.
Thanks, bandoneons always looked awesome to me.. I would love to get one some day. I see (saw) people playing them in the street sometimes - must not be high quality ones if they are so valuable I wouldn't think they'd risk it. But they sound magical and beautiful.
Do they make all these random drums here? It would be ironic to bang a foreign made drum in the park while everyone is trying to relax, in the street at night when everyone is trying to relax, or at your protest club's weekly protest.

I bet those are made here somewhere and they have the high quality loudness of any drum.
If you are a coffee drinker: Café El Continente (not to be confused with La Continental). This is place is like a tiny museum of vintage coffee roasting machines and grinders, most of which are in still use. They sell online, but I usually go to the actual shop.
I like Piu Piu bakery, on Instagram. It's this young woman who makes absolutely delicious cakes and cookies. I think you can only order through IG. Lots of options like gluten-free, vegan, and traditional options, too.