Quality ballerina flats with support?


Jul 27, 2009
So, springs here and I need some lighter (and prettier) footwear.Like good quality ballerina flats. But, I still walk a lot, so I need support.

Does anybody know if I can buy Ecco shoes here?
I like these: http://www.ecco.com/no/no/kolleksjon/damer/casual/94733/00101/detail.do

Or, if you know about any other brand/chain with high quality ballerinastyle shoes, I would love to hear about it!

I wear a size 40, so having some trouble finding shoes here.
Oh, forgot to say: I could consider really pretty trainers/sneakers with a ballerina inspired look...as long as they can be worn with a dress :)
You could try the Merrell in Alto Palermo for good quality shoes
HowardinBA said:
I thought you wanted help to find somewhere to live..........lol

Hehe, that would be a very special request...a flat for ballerinadancer, with a support team? But sadly..I'm only looking for kick-ass shoes :)
It's very difficult finding good-quality shoes (or any kind of clothing here, to be honest). There are loads of pretty shoes around but they tend to be bad for your feet and generally fall apart. I think if you check out abasto shopping mall, there is a store that sells "Hush Puppies" (its not a hush puppy store though so check the brands in the window) - which generally have good support. There's also a store along Cabildo (and Juramento) which has a French name (can't remember what, but it's obviously french!) and sells some really soft-leather pumps which I tried on and liked. They were very well priced but I can't remember about the support! No ecco's here though!
Thanks Ashley! Just bought myself a pair of Hush Puppies! :) At Grimoldi.