Question about return flights


Jan 11, 2010
Hi - a quick question. I'm flying into Buenos Aires next month, from London coming as a tourist from the UK. I was told by the airline (Aerolineas) that immigration would not allow me to stay for the 90 day period without proof of a return ticket.

Is that correct, as I was planning to come on a single ticket.

Many thanks

There might be a rule like that. Either case, the airline will most likely refuse to let you check in if you don't have one. Try asking them if it's ok with a onward ticket. Or get a refundable return ticket.
The problem is with the airline not immigration. They can refuse to fly you without a return ticket or proof of an onward journey. If they are being really awkward you could always buy a refundable ticket and cancel it once you get to BA.
There have been quite a few posts on this. It's really up to the airline. If you don't have onward travel proof, and there was a problem, the airline would have to transport you back at their cost.

However, FWIW (and I thought about this just recently), I've flown multiple times into BsAs on the return leg of a trip (BsAs-NY and back for example) and the airline never asked me about it.

As it was the 2nd part of the trip, they may have been more relaxed about the situation. I believe there are posters who have had problems trying to fly on 1-way ticket.

Best to talk to your airline.
Thank you all kindly for the quick responses and sorry if this is something that has already been discussed.

Having spoken to the airline I think it may be best to also buy a refundable single to Montevideo to avoid any problems.
I just came in from DFW on AA this morning on a one-way ticket. Now, I happened to have a return ticket, but it was also a one-way ticket and booked separately. The ticket agent didn't know this and would have no way on knowing it, either.

There were no issues at the check-in counter.

In my experience, the only country who's immigration always (and I mean always) demand to see a return ticket before letting you in is New Zealand. I believe the reason for this is that historically a large number of Asians have overstayed their tourist visa.

For this reason, Qantas will always demand to see a hard copy of a return ticket (even if you have one booked with Q, -go figure) before they will let you board a flight to NZ from Australia.

I came with a one-way ticket and I had no problem whatsoever. They didn't even ask.