Question on University of BA and general expat qs:)


Que tal!

Hi, I'm an American and I have amazing fond memories of living in Argentina through a student exchange program when I was a teenager. I was staying in Reconquista but always knew I would come back to the country and enjoy life in Buenos Aires.

I just have a question about the BA university. It seems that they offer graduate/masters programs for foreign students. Does anyone here have any experience with the university? Taking graduate courses in English, even though they are in stationed in Buenos Aires? (I do speak some spanish but would be worried about taking a class in it.)

I'm just wondering if the programs are any good and worth pursuing. Education would be a big factor in deciding my move.

Ideally, Id love to pursue a degree and enjoy my late 20s in Palermo! The neighborhood seems most like my home here in Chicago.

Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

-robin :p


Hi Robin,

I am currently in the process of getting ready to start a masters degree at UBA in architectural history. As far as i know, all classes are in Spanish. I can only speak for the arch. dept but as for the state of the building - it's a little frightening and very run down (remember to bring your own toilet paper). BUT from what i've heard the faculty is pretty top notch.
The application process is a bit of a pain, as I'm sure it is for an extranjero in any country.
My Spanish is still far from perfect, but I'm going to HAVE to learn it sooner or later while in school. Also, the education is so cheap, compared to the states, so I think it's worth it.
Hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

best, keri