Questions About A Pensionado Visa

My wife and I are changing from a rentista visa to a pensionado visa. She has just turned 62 and will begin to receive SS benefits the first of August.

1) The translator I am using and the Informes desk of mirgaciones seem to think I will need more than just the apostilled marriage license I have from the States ( translated) to prove that we are married. They mentioned an "acta." We used an apostilled copy of our marriage license at the consul in the States last year when we were getting our rentista visa and that worked there. Won't that work here?

2) She will receive only $1500 per month. Do we have to proof additional income/funds beyond that?

3) Do our passports have to be translated?

4) How many days before our current rentista visa expires will they accept our papers for the pensionado visa? I ask because they told us you cannot have two types of visas at the same time? Also will they give us a temporary DNI before we get our new DNI with the pensionado visa?

5) What happens if you are out of the country when your new DNI arrives and you cannot sign for it?

3) Are there documents we will need to present other than copies of our passports and DNI, the letter from the SS office in the embassy here and our marriage license (since I am not yet getting SS or a pension)?

Thanks for much for any help you can provide.

Stan Tucker