Questions about University


Nov 30, 2009
Hi all, 21 year old Canadian here

I was thinking about studying abroad in Argentina (Buenos Aires) either next year or the following, and had a few questions about the university process.
I have taken the equivalent of 5 semester long university spanish courses in Canada, and will have taken 3 more by this time next year.
I am currently attending my second year of University here in Canada, would these transcripts be enough to apply to University in Argentina?
I am also quite unfamiliar with the Argentine school system- I know there are private and public schools, how much can I expect to pay for tuition, residence, etc. as an international student?
Which Universities are recommended? I am not rolling in money, so the less money the better (to a certain extent)
Also, would I need to obtain a student visa beforehand or could I get one upon arrival. And with the student visa, is it possible to get certain jobs within a certain distance of the University Campus (this is how it is in Canada), or would I need to get a work permit.
Sorry if any of these questions are stupid..
I really would love to get down to Bs As and experience life in South America. Argentina has always held a certain fascination for me