Rapi & others banned.


LA NACION - Revés judicial para los deliveries: un juez suspendió la actividad y ordenó operativos policiales - www.lanacion.com.ar/2273749

A Judge ordered to suspend all activity until the companies full fit the safety regulations for his workers.


I would say it is the law, and I celebrate it when it is enforced.
yes, it was made a law, but that is my point. it was nonsense to begin with.

the delivery guys have a hard job, no doubt about it.

but why is the govt concerned with making them wear helmets and reflective clothing when the police give zero f***s about anyone else on a bicycle? and rappi/glovo/etc should be required to provide all of these items? do any other courier service do this? any other delivery guy from any local resturant or mini market? i wonder why they don't pay attention to them. or enforce safety laws that already exist on the streets.

Rich One

This situation with Rappi,Glovo and Pedidosya
reminds me of the raids on the illegal Bolivian Garment sweatshops some years ago. The workers were left without a source of income and they confiscated the Sewing machines. True they were underpaid and overworked, and the conditions were bad , but many made a living . They were left homeless and without an alternate source of income for the family..?

Obviously they will "cut" a deal with these mulñtinacionales, it would be impossible to chase all Independent Delivery men?


The Judicial power isnot the government, this is a representative republucan and federal country fyi. The law has been current for over a decade.