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Jan 16, 2006
Aint been claiming to be there.You honestly think I care about what some people on a forum think of me? If there are people here who indeed avoid me and detest then I must say that I feel a little bit sorry for them. Dignity, obviously this OBVIOUSLY that, you have anything more to add to that there son?I asked you Not to get all pathetic and to have some dignity. But yet you wrote this shameful reply of yours, that's sad.


Aug 4, 2007
I recommend Yerba Mate. When I drink it the achoos go away. Holistic medicine is my preferred method of dealing with things that disturb my natural immune system. In my non-professional opinion, drugstore medicine is usually a synthetic blend of ancient Chinese secrets (herbs, etc...) wrapped up in a little pill. Teas and Chicken Soup are also some of my favorite remedies for what ills me. Nose stopped up? Try an onion in a sock on your nightstand when you go to bed. The vapors will clear your sinuses in no time flat. Works for me! Add some garlic and you will even keep the vampires away!


Aug 4, 2007
Hay Fever
What’s happening?

Hay fever, or allergic rhinitis, is a reaction of the mucus membranes of
the eyes, nose, and airways to seasonal pollens and other everyday
allergens; including dust, feathers, animal hairs, and environmental
pollutants. When this happens, the body releases large numbers of
antibodies to fight the perceived allergen, but these antibodies also
produce the histamine that causes swelling and irritation to the body’s
own tissues.

Hay fever is rare in the under 5s but very common
in teens and kids, especially where there is a family history of
allergic reactions and related conditions such as asthma and eczema. If
this is the case, you need to work at rebuilding and stabilizing the
immune system.

What to do:

Vitamin C
not only supports the immune system, but helps the body defend itself
against the consequences of having too much histamine released. It can
also help reduce the release of histamine. In a study by scientists at
the Arizona State University, researchers gave allergy sufferers,
including patients with hay fever, increasing doses of vitamin C, starting with 500mg daily and increasing to 2,000 mg per day over a
period of six weeks. They found that by the time the higher levels of
vitamin C were reached, volunteers’ histamine levels had dropped by 40%.

are the substances that give fruits and vegetables their rich colors.
They are synergistic with vitamin C, which means if you use the two
together, you will get even more benefit. The best bioflavonoid for hay
fever is quercetin, which helps stabilize the cell membranes of
those cells that would otherwise discharge their supply of histamine
into the surrounding blood and tissue. A natural antihistamine, it will
work in the body to reduce any inflammation of the nasal passages, the
bronchial airways, and the throat. It is found naturally in red and
yellow onions, shallots, squash, courgettes, and broccoli; however,
sufferers cannot eat enough of these foods to get the full benefits.

Teens may turn their noses up at a plant-tasting nettle tea, but the humble stinging nettle (Urtica dioica)
is a hotbed of herbal pharmacological activity and one of the most
effective natural remedies for hay fever. It contains both vitamins C
and K, as well as immune-boosting proteins and an anti-inflammatory
agent called scopoletin, which will counter the action of the body’s histamine discharge.

A strong immune system should help protect from allergic reactions, including hay fever, and echinacea will support your child’s natural defenses.

If you know you have a hay fever sufferer in the family, a daily teaspoon of local honey
dissolved in warm water could help keep the symptoms at bay.
Naturopaths say this works because it delivers a tiny dose of local
pollen, which is usually the main trigger for an attack. This tiny
daily dose then helps the body build resistance so that when spring or
summer arrive and pollen is everywhere, the body is already protected.


Nov 18, 2006
tried the honey thing - didn't work for me - also tried propolis (bee shit) which is supposed to cure all - made me sick as a dog.
onion in a sock...never in my life heard that one !!
garlic keeps vampires away... and my missus.
salty mediterraean sea water works the best for me


Oct 1, 2006
I made sure to bring really high quality sea salt rocks with me without any anti-caking additives. These suggestions have been great.
As a practitioner I will reiterate the necessity of avoiding the things that weaken the system. Me Parece (professional) is if you take out the things that make you weak you are 3/4 there. If you do not then you can add stuff and only get 1/4 way there.Mate to me is like green tea if not made so strong - muy bueno. Echinecea - careful. Most people do not know how it works. It strengthens the CHI on the outer layer. So if you are already sick with a pathogen in the body it strengthens the outer part so it SEALS it in making healing take longer. Use it as a preventive but once you are in the throws please stop and let the EVIL WIND pass through.. Hey - it is my job.