Re: Americans & psychoanalysis


Dec 7, 2006

What does the drinking have to do with independence? I don’t see any relation...
Take a look at Northern Europeans. Scandinavians, Brits, Germans, etc are all known for their hard-drinking habits. Does that make them less independent? I don’t think so. Specially if you compare them to Italians, who maybe don’t drink but live with their parents through their 20’s and even 30’s. Funnily enough, the hard-drinkers seem to be the most emancipated...
Anyway, I didn’t say ALL Americans are completely independent in ALL aspects. Yes, some may receive economic support. But at least they leave their parents’ house and start a new life in college. That is a great that many Argentines are so afraid to take...

"bf4" said:
And I have witnessed this for three years: weakness, carefulness, unableness to have a healthy good time, giving in to group preassure....
People who don’t know how to have fun without getting in trouble... WOW Sounds like Argentina. Go to any disco here on a Saturday night and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Or even better...go see a soccer game and witness the behavior of the fans.

bf4 said:
"bf4" said:
"We were speaking about violent football fans but sthg about the NBA caught my attention, what can you say about it.....violence doesn't seem a "privilege" of Argentine fans? In the USA the PLAYERS itselfs led the brawl. Kudos!"

You said it yourself... It was the players who started the fight not the fans. Sometimes players lose their temper. It happens everywhere. Do you remember the Argentina vs. Germany match in the World Cup? At the end of the game, players from both teams began fighting with each other. Is that enough to conclude that Germans are violent? God no
One thing is an isolated episode of violence. Another thing is fans insulting and beating the hell out of each other on a regular basis. Americans have a long way to go to reach that point...

bf4 said:
"bf4" said:
"P.S: Let's move on to another subject: Violence in society doesn't benefit the USA so many snippers, so many high school shootings led by kids who on your view have been so well educated to be independent citizens....It sounds SO shaky Johny.....The evidence is against you. Look everywhere.."

What on Earth does independence have to do with crime? You keep mixing things up.
Besides, talking about murders in the US sounds a little hypocritical...
What about crime rates in Argentina?
Maybe you are too focused on the US and forget to watch the local news...

On a side note, this website was created for expats living in Argentina. It wasn't made for anti-Americans to display their bigotry...
bf4, no offense but I think you're posting on the wrong site...