Re. Average hourly wage for cleaner


Dec 12, 2007
My cleaner asked for $7 an hour when she started working 6 months ago and we rounded it up to $7.50 as she does 4 hours a day, 3 days a week.
Today she has asked for an increase to $12.50 per hour. She mentioned a 34% increase in wages, (has anyone heard of that?) and said she was already getting $10 pre-increase in her other job.
It sounds like a big jump and I am sure it will not stop there. By the way, we live in Constitucion, not Palermo...
Any advice on the situation would be welcome!
Well maybe you can come and clean my place when you've finished!
12 is too much. Re-evaluate what she does really for the 7.50 and number of hrs. she puts in every week.
If this is mostly a business arrangement and you are not happy with what she is doing then change housecleaner. I am sure if she finds a more permanent employer she will leave you with one week's notice (I am being generous here!).
Look for another one and this time lock in the price with quarterly performance review. No salary increases unless performance review warrants it. If one asks for a raise it is up for the payer to negotiate. Asking for an exorbitant amount is not bad, it only becomes bad for you if you pay it!
You are are not contractly locked into this person are you?
I have been paying the going rate for a cleaner who was passed on to my by a porteña friend. It is 8 pesos/hour plus 4 for travel. She works 7 hours/week so it is $60 and after 2 months I raised it to $70. When I have a lot of visitors I give her 20 pesos extra per week, and then drop back to $70 after they leave. I don't want to go too high because my porteña friend would feel bad, but can't pay more. BTW, she does absolutely everything, including ironing, cleaning all the windows inside and out, waxing my old wood floors twice a month and using a buffer on them. I will also give her a nice bonus at Christmas. At home I pay $80 (i.e. dollars) for 6 hours, which usually turns out to be 5 hours, for a pretty lax job so I'm very happy with my cleaner. But nobody likes to be ripped off.
Thanks all, for the replies. I guess I will look for someone else as I have been turning a blind eye to the fact my cleaner pitches up 20 mins late each time (but doesn't leave later) and misses several days a month without even explanation!
If anyone has a cleaner who is looking for extra work, please let me know. I need something like 3 hours twice a week, but could be more or less to fit in.
$12 pesos an hour is ridiculous. It also doesn't make any difference what you pay your maid in the US - very few people, professional or otherwise make anywhere near as much in Argentina as they do in the US. You should also be careful about the number of days you give her work. I am not sure but three may fall into the category of what the law considers full time employment which could mean that she could demand an indemnization if you fire her - and it makes no difference if she is working "en negro" or under the table. Labor law covers everyone, legal or illegal.
Thanks, Ariel. I settled on $10 per hour and reduced the hours to 8 following your advice.
My mother-in-law has a housekeeper. Please let me know what neighborhood you reside along with a contact number, so I can put her in touch with you if she lives or will travel to your location. Merry Christmas. Jake