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Mar 25, 2007
Tatan, it's obvious that you wanted to suggest that crime is a lot worse in the US. I don't think anybody is denying that there is an urban crime problem in the US. My point is that it tends to be concentrated in poor areas, not the more prosperous areas. Giving newcomners to BA the idea that everything is OK here and they don't have to worry because crime statiatics are higher in the US is doing a disservice since newcomers or tourists may let their guard down and consequently get hurt.
I wonder by the way if there is a single state in the US where in 33% of the homes was broken into in 2006? Or a city where 29% of the people were victim of a crine in 2006?
Granada, Could you please provide a link or any kind of confirmation of this data?
I have heard it at least a dozen of times from you. I guess in your logic strength of an argument increases with repetition.
I am sure you can find it on the site of Clarin
For me personally I am not interested in continuing this discussion
Daily basis this, getting hurt that. How about mentioning personal experiences instead."Victim" of crimes: Recieved a fake 20 peso note, got cheated out of 3!!! pesos by a cab driver, survived an attempt by someone to pickpocket me without even losing my temper.
Risks taken: Plenty often alone drunk as hell wandering about in places I knew 0 about.
Blend in factor: 0% Might as well have extranjero tattooed on my forehead.
Time in BA: 12 months.So as you can see, these people tell no lies, Argentina is DANGEROUS! and if you go there you Are going to get hurt.
..."there" where? You said if you go "there" (where is there) in Buenos Aires? If we are here... where are YOU?
It sounds like you are loosing your temper here. Tsk.Tsk.Tsk. All that noise you are making and you are not even here in Buenos Aires.

United States: a total of 16,692 at a national rate of 5.6 per 100,000 people

Buenos Aires Province: 2,127 at a rate of 15.38 per 100,000 people

This is creative. Buenos Aires is NOT a part of Buenos Aires Province.

I next would like to address the point made that 100% of violent crimes and murders are reported. I personally doubt that ...

The point was that MURDERS are always reported, so number of murders can be used as a proxy to total violent crime rates.
Samuel,This is =1231#5054]the link to my original post.This is the link to the crime statistics page. You added "at guilt" traffic related deaths to your calculations. It doubled the number of deaths, but it is not a violent crime.And there is no reason to compare statistics of Buenos Aires with average crime rates in the States. For sure, crime rates in rural Iowa are lower than in New York. But Buenos Aires should be compared with New York and other big cities, not average data. And to my point of view it stands up quite favorably.
Sorry, somehow I thought you are referring to my old post. My mistake.If you want to say that 1. Number of murders per capita (including deaths related to traffic accidents) in Buenos Aires City is twice more than the average for the States.
and 2. Average violent crime rate in Argentina is about the same as in the USA.I agree with you wholeheartedly :).And without any difference whether I agree with it or not, I guess everybody here still values your opinion.