Re: Pet Hotel / nice kennel


May 27, 2007
Hi. I dont know a pet kennel but i do know a reliable dog sitter. His name is Max, phone number is 4773-9808.GOOD LUCK!
The best pet hotel and managed by north american is in Martinez. My friends are using their services for the last2 years and love it.
Their web page
I'm leaving my dog with a vet in Barrio Norte for 2 months. She'll stay in his clinic/store with him and his dog and they have a place upstairs for the dogs to hang out and sleep if they don't feel like being social around other dogs. Then he'll take them home with him after work and to his family's country house on the weekends. This is my 1st time using his service, but he was highly recommended to me by numerous people and my dog took a liking to him instantly. If you're interested, write me a note and I'll get you his info. GL!
Las Lunas in Pilar is excellent. It is located in the country with lots of room for the dogs, professional caretakers and run by a breeder of dogs that are trained here and sent to the states as Aid dogs. The have van service and I would highly recommend them. The owner speaks excellent English. 4723.4063 [email protected]