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Aug 29, 2006
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Hi, Will.
I would give my left arm to get some Beverly Hills Service here in Buenos Aires be it plumbing, electrical or just plain carpentry work. Reality is if the service and workmanship is great I would not be one to stiff the person the pay due him.
And let us not compare apples to oranges OK? Beverly Hills is 90210 and Buenos Aires is NOT 90210.
And the comment about women paying more at the mechanic's shop those 50's stereotyping of dumbing women no longer fly. I am not sure about BA women but as my own person ( neither latin, asian nor american) I know my axles, manifold and piston rings. Women now have other means of finding out how much the car work will cost like sending someone else to take their car to the shop for them. Shop around - just like your Momma said. Take your business to honest people, and there are alot of those left in BA, you just need to look for them.
My point is that someone deemed less-informed (ie. women at the mechanics' shop) [that doesn't mean it's true] and/or more affluent pays more in general. You totally missed it on the Beverly Hills point... which was that they pay more for things in Beverly Hills than in Chico, CA. Likewise, you are typically going to pay more in Recoleta than in Villa Urquiza... the more affluent market can bear higher prices ie. gringos... This is a phenomenon not unique to Argentina.
I agree with your point. For example buying a coke in a Puerto Madero kiosko is much more expensive than if you bought it in Mataderos.
This is not the first time -surely it won' t be the last - that somebody either does not understand the point someone is trying to make or directly decides to ignore for the sole purpose of defending a position on a specific issue.
I am still waiting for Grazie to address some of my questions in previous posts. All I see is people continuing to attack me (TangoBob, Mike BA, Ernie, Sergio etc.) without reffering to some of the points I made.
Sebastian, you have a nice day. That is my response to you, I hope that is enough.
Will, thank you for clarifying your response, now I understand what you were saying.
Have a nice day, Gentlemen.
"TatanBsAs" said:
I am still waiting for Grazie to address some of my questions in previous posts. All I see is people continuing to attack me (TangoBob, Mike BA, Ernie, Sergio etc.) without reffering to some of the points I made.
Hey! When did I attack you? Also, it is natural to have different prices in different neighbourhoods. The costs of running a shop in Puerto Madero are completely different to those of doing it in Mataderos, of all neighbourhoods. I don't I need to explain the difference.
Cheers Ernie
Grazie, Precisely my point. I could not expect any another response from you.
Ernie, you are right you did not attack me. I apologize. Mataderos and Pto Madero, I was giving an extreme example.
Ernie, how much do you think is too much? And if prices are only starting to kill here - when will the massacre actually happen or in this case exodus?
Do you suppose prices will actually plateau for a while since let us face it '08 is an election year - or does that not matter at all?
I do not need precise or precisely answers - expecting other responses from others as well. Thanks.
Hello Grazie,UI won't pretend I know the answers to your questions. At most, I can make an attempt at giving my humble opinion. I think things will get rather silly right before the October elections. We will have demonstrations, power struggles and internal upheaval in the peronist party, which will all contribute to inflation and further social/economic disorder. Whomever is elected and takes over the presidency on Dec. 10th, 2007, will have a really tough time in 2008/9. During his first two years in office he/she will have to deal with enormous pressure from public services companies (transport, communications, water, electricity, gas, AND petrol) to adjust local tariffs to international prices. Good game, good game! This will of course upset the budget and create a perfect environment for union protests for salary increases. While the government have enough reserves to deal with budget deficit, it will become more and more difficult to just buy people off like they've done until now. Hyper-inflation seems like the natural end result. At least it has been in the past.
I hope someone will be able to prove me wrong. I really don't want all of this to happen.CheersErnie
Ernie you are speak some bad words for Kirchner. You like bad men, you like bad government like Menem. You enjoy to see the poor not get any help from government so you can have your country estate in Hurlingham and your english tea.
English steal from us Malvinas . We will have our Malvinas soon ERNIE and you can have your cold and grey United Kingdom