Re: vias rentista/ dni/cdi/buying an apt


Jul 26, 2006
transferring money legally is that? ie through a legally accredited and government authorised bank and not through an exchange house/private bank that brings the money in under the table? if they give you more than us$5000 at a time per month then you're doing things illegally.
Yes Steve I'd like to know something. Did you bring your money by a legal transfer...through a bank?.....or through an exchange house? I know of lots of people buying props....but they are bringing the money, however....and that will "come back to haunt you" if your property gets inspected by the local AFIP.
I have the set of instructions that are required to tranfer money the legal way, but they are of the requirements is that you show proof of how you earned your funds in the U.S....(like your W-2 forms or tax returns), BUT they require them to be stamped and approved by the entity called "La Haya"....and THATS the part that throws me off....and I'd LOVE to meet the person that FIGURED that out!
"California" said:
... BUT they require them to be stamped and approved by the entity called "La Haya"....
Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement for Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents
Thanks Admin for the hague link,but I could n't see a proposed date for the abolition. I had to got through all that stuff in Barcelona to get my visa. No further comment on that!
My Argentine girlfriend and I are looking for a house to buy and I've discussed this with her. She's a Public Accountant and knows how AFIP and RENTAS work. She's been at this for 25 years. She disagrees with some of the comments made here.A foreigner bringing money in, for whatever reason does not need to prove it's validity (if we're talking white money). An Argentine, on the other hand does need to prove this. In fact, when we buy the house she will need to show where her portion came from, which will be easy as it never came from the outside, but the sale of a property she owned with her ex.
Having said all that, she's going to double check these matters to be doubly sure. I, (if required) can prove where my $ came of a house in Spain. I also have DNI. We don't foresee too many hurdles, but you never know in this country.
BTW...she did say that these laws will be tightened and when, I don't know. I'll keep you posted.
Since Adri is a Public Accountant I'm sure she would be able to answer any tax related questions.
Hi Steve!

I saw your post about the "visa rentista, buying an apt, dni, etc.". My name is Felix, I am 28, currently living in Switzerland and intending to move to BS AS. I've lived there before for half a year because of an internship. But let's get to the point, I don't want to waste your time. I was first thinking about getting an investor visa, but the guy from the argentine embassy in Switzerland thinks that a visa rentista might be a better option. He is really nice and I believe he wants to help me but he isn't a fast worker :). I will be in BS AS already from March 3rd - 18th. I will then go back and intend to move to BS AS in august. My questions now are the following and it would be fantastic if you could already answer some of them. Thanks a lot in advance!

- With a visa rentista will I be able to open an own business in BS AS? I assume I am not allowed to look for jobs but it's essential for me that self employment and building my own company is possible with that visa.
- How do I have to prove that I receive a monthly pension of 2000 pesos? Bank account statements? I will not receive it but I have to money to cover at least the two years the first visa would be for (the embassy guy told me it is temporary for two years at first, right?)
- What other documents will I have to show them?
- I don't intend to buy an apt at the very beginning. Do you think legal cousel would still valuable in the process of obtaining the visa? Is your legal counsel trustworthy and does not rip off guys from Europe? If yes, I'd appreciate the contact. Especially if he knows about setting up a company in Argentina.
- My Spanish is good but not great. I had all the discussions with the embassy guy in Spanish. That should be enough or do you think a Translater is necessary for me when talking to officials?
- I intend to get the visa BEFORE moving to Argentina in august. What other things I didn't mention now, do I have to take.

Well I would be a very happy future expat if you could help me out with some answers to my many questions, Steve! :) Whoever can help gets some swiss chocolate. promised. :)
Hmm, interesting - and very odd. I have never heard of another country where foreigners are required to supply a proof of the source of their funds for the purpose of buying a property. This is highly odd. I could show them my bank statements from my home country, accounts from my US stock broker and my home country stock broker. I most definitely would have to leave my Swiss accounts out of the game. And I just cannot imagine myself walking up to any authorities in my home country and asking them for a certified verification of my funds. My funds were obtained legally BTW, but any admittance of one's personal funds to the government agencies smells like trouble over here. Isn't there some other way?