Really Good Juice Bar


Nov 11, 2013
hello hello!!

Im writting to tell all of you that I have opened a juicebar in Palermo Soho, i thought that it might interest you :)

My name is Ayaz and im from Denmark, My wife and I moved to Buenos Aires 4 months ago and have recently opened what i believe to be the first juice bar in Palermo Soho. Its called The Factory and you can see it on, We are located on El Salvador 4995.

I dont know if anyone knows about another foreign that is opening a juice bar or if someone wants to be part of our experience and help us with ideas and what u will like to found in this kind of place that we all expats know very well ;) thanks
the link doesn't work! I'm interested in trying it out! buenos aires is lacking juice bars! do you guys sell smoothies too?
Congrats and good luck. i'll be in to try you out. i'm a big believer in supporting fellow expats who are crazy enough (like me) to come here for a start-up! and besides, my liver welcomes the healthy break! :)