Reasons to be happy


RachinBA said:
my company agreed to me transferring to the Berlin office in February!
Now I can enjoy the summer whilst knowing I am escaping!
Congrats - hopefully promotion too

Great place Berlin I love it nearly as much as Bs As.

And getting away in February from 30 degrees plus to minus 20 below!

Buy some thermals and look forward to Spring which is really beautiful :D


- Having enough local connections to be able to avoid AFIP patrols seeking out arbolitos buying and selling illegal currency, and buy pesos when the need arises at a good rate. Makes it easier to tolerate inflation.

They were out in force today.

I was going to post this in the other thread about Reasons to Be Sad, in addition to this thread (befitting the dual nature of Buenos Aires ;)), but they've gone off on what might just be a more interesting topic there and I thought I'd take a moment to look at the bright side of life :)


tramites,afip,stupid questions in the bank along with the queues,direct tv,telefonica...the list of happiness is of all,street crumpets.


- seeing garbage, the gossip and evanescence Live in October
- the gorgeous/hotttttt Argentine men
- better bus system than in my country (though my country's subway kicks the subte out of the water).
- beef
- beautiful city
- vibrant nightlife
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