Recommeding a Massage Therapist


Jan 14, 2009
OK so I post occasionaly on here, and I just want to recommend my client and now regular massage therapist.

Sharon Haywood.
I have been doing her hair for a bit now and she just gave me the most wonderful Shiatsu massage.

I have never had one before(Shiatsu) and I have never ever been with a therapist that could understand the way my body works, and literally was reading my body with her hands.

I have had many massages here and although relaxing , I feel like there isn't enough force, and the techniques seem amateur at best....

I have a high tolerance for pressure and actually in some places had to back off a bit.

Her Technique comes from the heart, not just a course. She works with passion, and definite experience. And has been very very highly trained! Knows her Sh*T!!

She is professional, so very talented, very reasonably priced (in fact for me totally under priced but hey its BA)

And I now have all my weekly massaged booked.

I am just floored at how well she works and how... well you will just have to try her and see for your self.

Please feel free to send her an email to ask if she has any time.

Judging by the amopunt of my clients i'm going to be sending her too, you might want to call soon. She going to be really busy!!!



Here is her email:
[email protected]
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