Recommend a Spanish Institute?


Jul 25, 2008
I´ve been lagging on my Spanish and am looking to jumpstart it by attending an institute. I attended one a few months back but was not overly impressed.

Anyone have a great institute you would recommend? Ideally I´m looking for about 10 hours/week, small group classes, intermediate level.

Many thanks!
I can recommend International House. I haven't actually started there yet but am hoping to this week. They have three locations--2 in Buenos Aires, and 1 in San Isidro. The people seem really nice and friendly there, and all you have to do is fill out a level test that they email you and then they place you in the right level. Hope that helps!
i really liked my spanish teacher. he was so great. i learned more spanish
from him in 4 months than i did in 4 years of high school! his name is
milton and he is located downtown at a school called CEDIC.
they are a very popular school that gives lessons to people from all over the world. i highly recommend Milton specifically. from what i remember i was paying US$13 an
hour for a private one-on-one lesson. they also offer group courses with
other students at your level which are a bit cheaper.
here is their website.
:. Cedic Spanish language School in Buenos Aires Argentina
I am a Spanish Teacher for Foreigners myself. Have you thougt of having private tutoring? Is not that expensive and you can have classes adapted to your level and interests.
If interested, please contact mefor details.
Good luck
I profitted more from private study, but of the two institutes I did attend, for about fifty hours each -- the Centro Universitario de Idiomas ("CUI") and Laboratorio de Idiomas (part of the Universidad de Buenos Aires) -- the Laboratorio certainly was the better. It's located on 25 de Mayo, a block south of the Bolsa.
Hello! My name is Lorena. I work in BUE and can say that the students are very happy not only with the Spanish lessons but also with the teachers and staff. It is a very friendly and comfortable place.

You can check the website.

+5411 4381 6347
Belgrano Ave. 1431 2nd floor, apart 18.
If price is of concern, I recommend Edena: EDENA - Enseñanza del Español en Argentina

I studied there for a couple of months last year and worked with at least 3 different teachers. All were very passionate about their work. It was kind of a trek for me to get there from Las Canitas, but overall I was pretty happy with it.