Recommendations For A Tax Accountant


May 15, 2011
Hi all,

I've received a notification from the AFIP that I'm due for a "Fiscalización Electrónica", and I'm need of the assistance of a good personal tax accountant (maybe who specialises in expats?) to guide me through the process.

Would anyone have any recommendations/advice please?

In summary, all my income is paid to me abroad (in Ireland - and I pay all the appropriate taxes there), but I am legally a resident here for the last few years, so I expect the AFIP will be looking for their slice also. If anyone has a contact here in BA, ideally someone specialising in this type of situation, their details would be very much appreciated :)

Thanks in advance :)
By the way, you need a lawyer.

Taxes here are based on residency. You worked here, you pay taxes here, you don t choose where you pay them.

The criminal tax procedure stablishes that the criminal persecution ends if you pay, other wise you might go to jail.

So, accountant plus a criminal lawyer you need.
Thanks for the reply bajo_cero - appreciate the input. :)

I should probably clarify that I didn't work here (or at least not in any real sense). I spend approx 10-15 weeks in Ireland every year, and my work is completed and billed while I'm there. I am liable for Irish taxes because I'm an Irish domicile (as distinct from a resident) - I've had extensive advice on this in Ireland - in fact I'm not considered an Irish resident at all.

I guess I'm being naive, but I was hoping there'd be some room for negotiation with the afip before a lawyer was needed. Hence the accountant first :)
Hi Bricky,

I am in a similar situation as you. From the UK and going to live in BA from next month.

I am not sure about Ireland, but the UK has Double Taxation Agreement with Argentina.

Did you manage to find a good tax accountant to help you?

Would you recommend him/her?

Thanks a lot.
Hi Mateus,

Yes, found an accountant. More on that in a minute.

There isn't a taxation agreement between Ireland and Argentina, but the afip were quite reasonable about the whole thing. I just had to declare my previous income to them, prove that I had paid the appropriate taxes in Ireland, and also pay the taxes due here. I got credit for some of the taxes I'd paid abroad (which is why I say they were reasonable), but not all. Going forward I'm just going to stop paying taxes in Ireland and pay all dues here - taxes are higher here, but at least there'll be no doubling up.

Regarding the accountant - we were very lucky in that we got in contact with an old friend of my wife's whose firm handled the whole thing. I'm not entirely sure if they do this kind of thing normally (it may have been just as a favour to us), so I'll need to check with them before giving out their details.

Just as a point of interest - if your situation is similar to mine, you probably don't have to worry about taxes here until you do something that puts you on the afip radar, e.g. buying property, getting a dni, etc.
You are happy about double taxation?
AFIP is perhaps the worst radar to on. They are desperate and they make up rules to suit the game of the day.
happy? No. Obviously I have no wish to pay any tax whatsoever. :p And there were fines and such - the whole thing took most of our savings.

My point is that they could have double-taxed my entire income, and my position would have been difficult to defend (as bajo suggested above, I would have needed a laywer, and probably deep pockets). However, except for a small portion of my income, they didn't double-tax, and I consider the outcome reasonable.

*Every* taxation body is in the business of squeezing people for money - it is essentially their job description. :)
Hi Bricky,

Thanks a lot for your reply.

Very helpful insight into the Argentina TAX system.

Best regards.