recommendations for "nice restaurants" and place for Christmas


Jan 12, 2009
My sister's friend intends to come out for a week or so around Christmas and has asked me, the worst qualified person :), for recommendations on nice restaurants in the centre (no further out than recoleta/san telmo) and "somewhere crazy to go for Christmas night". I've suggested a couple of local manicomios but I don't think that's what she had in mind.

I suppose I can suggest a few of the usual big nightclubs. Will they be open for Christmas?? What have others done for Christmas??
For restaurants, I like Cluny, To, Casa Cruz, Little Rose, Klan (for the atmosphere, the food is average), Nectarine and Osaka.

Doing a closed door restaurant like Casa Felix is always fun.

Keep in mind that here, everyone will be with the family for Xmas Eve & Xmas. Although the bars & clubs will be crowded later in the evening. Last year, we went to dinner Xmas Eve in Puerto Madero and for Xmas, I think we went to Bar 6 for dinner.
Hey there!

The problem with trying to eat Christmas (or New Year) is that just about every restauant that's open will be offering a "menu fijo" (fixed price) that will be high and more then likely not very good! On top of that, transportation is spotty and many cabs will be trying to extort extra $$$.

My advice is stay home and have a nice dinner without having to deal with the crap!

My 2 centavos!

captdave said:
My advice is stay home and have a nice dinner without having to deal with the crap!
In my opinion, half the fun of Christmas dinner is the preparation and time spent together in the kitchen. An Australian-style Christmas dinner would be just perfect for the Bs As climate and the ingredients shouldn't be difficult to lay your hands on.
I second the "stay home" recommendations.

If you must go out, choose a place you can walk home from - you'll be able to get there by subte, but you're unlikely to find a taxi, and the colectivos will be running sparse schedules with huge lines waiting at each stop. Also be aware that amateur fireworks around midnight can make walking through many neighborhoods a little risky.

Despite these recommendations, some visiting friends insisted we go out last New Year's eve. We chose Sette Bacco, a favorite restaurant near Recoleta, which we reserved a few days in advance. They were serving an expensive fixed menu, but it was one of the best dinners I've had in BsAs and well worth the price. There was also a band, and dancing later (although we proceeded to a club).

Finally, I should point out that these holidays require some planning - either you shop early to stay at home and cook or you make reservations [early!] and, possibly, transportation plans if you're going out. Don't wait until the last minute, or you'll be wandering the streets looking for a cafe that remains open during the holidays.
i third the stay home thing - though you can shift homes...

When my family came last christmas we got a nice cabaña on an island in Tigre, very cheap (especially for visiting relatives thinking in Euros/Dollars), swimming pool - we bought tons of meat, cooked asado and got drunk and swam in the sun whilst watching the weird boats shuttle by...
We had to stay close the the fluvia in Tigre (ten minutes) but we did look into a cabaña an hour away on its own island...
Its different, family orientated, cheap and hot...!
I've heard Kansas has some nice meals for Christmas (and Thanksgiving), but I haven't tried them myself. Have any of you?