Refried Beans in cans?


Apr 3, 2010
Anybody seen canned refried beans on the shelves in stores (Disco, Jumbo, Coto, Carrefour) lately (as in the last week or two)? I feel like the Mexican food supplies have mostly dried up...
I looked in 4 supermarkets and a couple of chinese stores for canned refried beans.. couldnt find, but one of the coto's had the raw ones, so just washed, soaked in water for 24 hours, then put the whole lot (including the soaking water) into a pot and cooked, turned out as good as the canned ones in the chilli.
Thanks, Davonz. That's what I was afraid of. I have dried beans and most definitely use them when I am planning ahead for a meal (in fact I made chili last night with dried black and red beans). But... there's just nothing like the craving for a midnight quesadilla, cracking a can of refried beans, and satisfying that craving. I'm all about the instant gratification.

I have a stockpile back from May, but am feeling more and more sure that's all she wrote. :(
MizzMarr said:
instant gratification.

You will just have to anticipate the cravings ahead of time..

I was surprised when i couldnt find the canned ones here either.. Very unusual for a latin country !!
I haven't seen them recently, as well as taco mix and jalapinos... I just got back from the states and didn't even think about grabbing them. I did manage to score ranch dressing, sweet baby rays sauce, some red hot, spices, etc.... but no tex-mex stuff. Let me know if you find some in palermo!!
I found some wonderfully spicy jalapenos and habeneros at the inside antique section of the San Telmo Market last Sunday - 10 peppers were 5 pesos. Also, I get my bean fix by ordering black beans a la carte from CBC - one portion is only 8 pesos - then I make beans and rice or black bean quesadillas at home. Works great. You're's very strange to have such a shortage of beans in a latin country.
I definitely saw taco seasoning, taco shells, and tortillas at the Wal-Mart in the DOT shopping center. It's pretty far, but check-out is absolutely glorious.
Disco en Barrio Norte or Carrefour, have a selection of the Old El Paso stuff. Don´t ask me the address it was only my second time in Buenos Aires and my first time shopping there like a local .Well,not like most locals,because on Argentine wages these things are horribly expensive.