Regular Girl's Catch Up/girl's Night Out


Nov 2, 2014
Hi ladies!

I'd really love to start a regular catch up for expat girls living here. I love living in BA, but I miss having a regular group of girls to catch up with for dinners, drinks, girl talk!


I think that a fortnightly catch up, on a Thursday evening, would be great! What do people think? We can change the location each time, so that we get to try new cafes, restaurants and bars as well!

As for me, I'm an Aussie girl with an Argentine boyfriend, and have been living in BA for just over a year. I really love food, wine, fashion and meeting new people from all over the world.

If you are interested, reply to the post, and we can set something up! If there are other days or times that work better for people, let me know :)

hi Lucy, sounds lovely!
But as I'm in Nuñez, it would be too complicated to venture much further than off the Cabildo/Santa Fe or Libertador corridors!
What area are you in?
I'm in Recoleta - so around the Santa Fe/Cabildo/Libertador avenidas are good!
Great! And if we can arrange meetings somewhere in the middle (Palermo-ish) would be even better!
hiiiiii .. I'm also an aussie girl with an argentine partner.. living in colegiales.. I'd be into catch ups too!
Great ladies, and nice to meet another aussie girl here:) Are you all free for a wine Thursday night (December 4?) at Bar Du Marche, Nicaragua 5946...I think that should be relatively central from everyone's locations. Around 7pm?
Sounds great! I can be there at 7:30 pm, so please save a seat for me.
Awesome - I'll be there from around 7.15pm, and please invite any other ladies along you know:)