Rehabilitacion De Salida


May 16, 2013
*PLEASE* forgive me if through what I hope was a fairly reasonable and careful 'search' that I have tried to make several times over recent weeks and months... perhaps this information has already been posted / announced, elsewhere - previously - and I simply missed it in my searches... Apologies if that is the case!

Thanks for your forgiveness!

If, in fact, this IS news to the community... well, here I go:

I went to pay my (I shall use, here, an English euphemism - my post's title should indicate my knowledge of the correct term) 'OVERSTAY FINE' today and discovered 2 things that *I* hadn't seen posted here, before now:

# 1) Since 23 September, the fee is 1,500 pesos if less than 2 years and more if over 2 years... it's no longer 600 pesos.

# 2) If you happen to mention that you are leaving by plane, they don't want you paying at the Retiro Omnibus Station... Until now, I think it has been stated that you can pay there among 2 other (airport) locations but I don't recall seeing any limitation on the payment location... but maybe I missed that? I was asked and said I was leaving by plane... Perhaps, like many things in many places, it's all 'WHO YOU SPEAK WITH' ?

Also, maybe it's better to say that you are leaving by bus (if paying at that location) but - if asked - one simply hasn't yet attempted to buy the ticket because it was felt better to pay this item first? I didn't happen to think of that in my own response, today, and I ALSO didn't know that the increase had become effective awhile ago, now... so I actually wasn't prepared to pay it today anyway, as it turned out!


Oh, well... live (a bit longer) and learn (a bit more)!

  1. First of all, regarding your knowledge of the correct term - to push that knowledge a bit further, drop the "re": it's called habilitación de salida.
  2. In all cases, if you're not leaving from the same point, on that day, it's better to keep that to yourself.
    1. I had a client go to aeroparque to pay the fine the day before his flight, so that he'd be able to come the next day to the airport with his family and fly without hassle.
    2. He innocently mentioned that he was flying tomorrow, and they refused to serve him. Come tomorrow and you'll be done in 15 minutes.
    3. He came the next day, there was a line of 20 people to pay. Had they all not allowed him to cut in front, he'd have missed his flight.
    4. Moral: Wherever you're paying: do not, repeat, do not let on that you're not traveling then and there.
    5. The tickets? They're with my family on the other side of the airport (if at the bus station: down the block). It isn't actually relevant to the tramite - the habilitación de salida is valid for 10 days.
  3. The cost is 1500 if resided in the country for 2 years, 3000 if more.
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