Reliable 'gasista matriculado' and plumber


My Argentine partner Carlos is a 'gasista matriculado' (that means qualified gas fitter) and a plumber. He is friendly, reliable, and will give you a fair (though that does not mean cheap) price.
He can deal with Metrogas, and handle any needed 'trámites'.
His English is a bit limited but he is used to working for English speakers, and manages that just fine.

He's based in Palermo/Belgrano but will travel within reason.

Send me a private message if you need any more information or a quote for a job, or call Carlos direct on 1553314250.



Hi there!

I saw this post and am not sure if you are still at this address. I am looking for a good plumber!! Asap! Please let me know if you have a name/number for me.

Thanks so much!