Remembering 2002


Jun 18, 2005
I think the newish members would find our memories of 2002, 2003 interesting. What do you remember?
I remember turning on the news and hearing about kidnapping after kidnapping. Scores per day, many more unreported. Kids never making it home from school or the movies.
I remember one of my first days watching a police station in the province somewhere LIVE ON TV being trashed and burned. They were throwing the computers out of the window.
I remember some 10 different currencies. I remember the place rife with counterfeit money (or was that yesterday?).
I remember the city center paralyzed by protests (ditto, perhaps that was yesterday).
I remember the seething anger of the people. The sadness, and dread for the future. They, once you get to know them, are really the unhappiest lot Ive ever met.
With the next meltdown crisis expected to come by year's end, let the veterans of the last one share your memories and experiences.
JG, quick question. Why do you choose to continue to live in Argentina? Thanks in advance for your reply.
"soulskier" said:
JG, quick question. Why do you choose to continue to live in Argentina? Thanks in advance for your reply.
I do not think you are being accurate in your vision of what happened in 2001/2. The way you put thinkgs it sounds really scary, it is hard to debate anything when your statements contain anything but sarcasms. ( I was able to edit my post btw )
I remember the famous actor crying daily on tv over the kidnapping of his father. I remember turning on the tv and hearing about kids never making it home, home invasions, kidnapping after kidnapping and the suspicions that the federal police were involved. A friends cousin was kidnapped in Tigre around 2003 and I remember he was held almost a week. We saw the family crying on tv. This place melts down fast.
Well, the Guardian serves as a short refresher.
What was it like for the rest of you living here in 2001, 2002 or 2003?
For those who weren't here, JG is right. There were countless kidnappings, violent protests, multiple currencies, something like 5 Presidents in one month, chaos everywhere. JG may be sarcastic but he is right as regards these FACTS.
JG, Given the situation in America right now, why do you think the next crisis will happen here? Ken
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