Renewing my visa tomorrow.


Dec 19, 2009
Hey all,

I´m going to renew my tourist visa tomorrow and was wondering if there was any new advice out about doing it. Also, what is the exact price to renewing it? I´m going with my Argentine girlfriend so I shouldn´t have to much problem with the language barrior.

Thanks all!
va2ba, there is tons of information on this site if you use the search feature.

make sure you remember to bring a photocopy of passport as well as a photocopy of the page that has your entry stamp on it + cash + patience
You have to bring the actual passport as well as photocopies of pages just to clarify. And yes, it's 300 pesos in cash (they don't take cards)
Also, make sure you let us know how it went - there have been conflicting reports on what's currently being allowed, and every little data point helps those who are doing the same thing.
Does the photocopy of my passport need to be in color?
Hi there. Does anyone know if there is a place to go in mid-town to get my 90-day tourist visa re-stamped? Usually take the buqueboat to Colonia to do it.

And, are there any clues (except the US Embassy) about how to efficiently go about getting a DNI??? Do I need a special person or lawyer to guide me through the maze?

Gracias! Luisita
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The only place to get your passport stamped is in immigrations.

Re: visa/DNI/etc - you don't just get a DNI. What type of residency/visa are you applying for?
So I renewed my visa on Tuesday and it was a pretty painless process. Except for the fact that I didn't realize I needed to bring a photocopy of my passport (the front page and the stamp of entry). The whole process took about an hour + another hour or so to walk to retiro and make photocopies, I got there at ~8:15am and got back around ~10:30.

Here's how you do it. When you arrive at immigrations, walk down the driveway all the way to the back "al fondo" of the property and then turn right. Walk a littler further, you should be looking for Edificio 6. There may be a line, but once inside, there should be someone in the front and tell him you want to "extender mi visa turista" and then he'll give you a paper slip aka "turno". Go to the far right, "a la derecha al fondo" and there will be an entrance to another room. Inside that room, go all the way to the right where there will be a sign that says "Prorroga de permanencia". That's you. Wait to hear your number called. (Note that the "turno" displayed overhead in the front of the room doesn't pertain to you. Your turno will be called) Meet with the immigration officer, give her your passport and photocopies. She'll check some stuff then give you a document. Walk outside the room with the document and you'll find the cashier immediately on your left. Pay $300 pesos in cash, get a receipt, and then bring it back to the same immigration person. She'll submit everything (documents and your passport) to some other immigration lady for review while you wait. Once everything has been checked, you'll hear your last name "apellido" called. Go and pick up your passport with a fresh stamp.

Couple notes on my experience:
Nov - Entered Argentina
Dec - Made a trip to Uruguay, got a new stamp
Feb - Got an extension until May
I'm American

By the way, the extension grants you 180 days from your last entry, not 90 days from the day you are granted the extension. So my advice is to take care of this sooner than later, no reason to delay.

The driveway

Edificio 6

The room on the right
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