Jul 9, 2009
Hey guys,

Question. Whats the typical rent for a nice furnished one bedroom apartment in buenos aires? I guess that would depend on what is meant by 'nice' and in what neighborhood. Since i don't know the BA neighborhoods well feel free to answer based on whatever neighborhood you know, and for nice use your best judgement.

I have been scouring the internet trying to get an idea, and the numbers vary greatly from site to site, and a lot of them seem like they were designed solely to take advantage of tourists. So any help/advice would be great. Also why do all the online sites post rent in US currency?
NoVegetables said:
. . . . Also why do all the online sites post rent in US currency?
Because American monetary inflation is much less than the Argentine, the American dollar is a more constant currency than the Argentine peso (or austral, or . . . ) in pricing.
Look at the "by owner" posts on craislist, and then assume you could get them to knock off another 10-15% or so if you sign longer term (meaning, a few months or more).
The agencies advertise far higher, though there is actually some bargaining room there too. I know someone who recently got a studio for $500something that was originally advertised at around $700.

I'd say $700 to $800 for a decent 1-bed is doable in Palermo/Recoleta/Barrio Norte, esp. if you find something by an owner.

You'll also do better looking for somethign now than in Summer/December here when lots of tourists are willing to pay higher prices.