Rental Experiences Poll


Jan 26, 2006
Hi everyone: My wife and I are fixing up an apartment to rent here in BA and want to ask you about your experiences, how did you find your apartment rental, did you pay commissions, what is it really costing you, what problems you've had when things go bang in the night, location preferences etc. I'm sure your experiences will help us rent ours, but also be of interest to the wider expat community.

thanks, Mike and Mercedes Anderson
My hus and I looked for our place on La Nacion ( 3 years ago ), went to a RE agency: Risso. We rented a 3 br 2 bath apt in Recoleta, penthouse with terrace balcony and grill, in mint condition for 900usd + expenses and city tax. Got a temp contract for 6 months, with preference to renew for 4 periods ( 24 months ), payed the RE agency 5% commission on the total of the contract ( 24 months ). We really didn´t have problems with the apartment at all, except for one ac last year, we called the landlord and she told us to get a couple quotes, tell her and get it fixed. Everything was very smooth.V