Rental Increases In Usd



I am just about to sign a rental agreement here for 2 years which is in USD (I will transfer USD from my Australian account into the owner's US account for 1 year upfront, having no garantia).

I have just read the contract, and the rent for the second year increases from US$900 a month to US$1100 a month.

I know the usual thing here with rental agreements in pesos is to factor in an increase for the second year (of about 20%), but I wondered if this same rule applies when you arepaying in USD.

Any experience with this, or comments would be appreciated. I dont mind an increase, but would like any increase to be a fair and reasonable one.

Thanks and regards


Seriously I wouldn't do this!

US$ 1100!!!! Where are you renting the, Hilton?
Depends on how big the place is and how many rooms.


If you rent and pay in US dollars do not accept an increase for the second year. ( EVER)
lets assume you are paying a rent of $ 7.200 pesos and in advance.-
check for same characteristics of your flat ( squarre meters, location ,etc) and compare value in pesos.
this will give you a real view of price, so they dont fool you!
send me a MP if you need any help.


Of course I understand the restrictions etc, but Matiasba can you expand abit on why you would NEVER sign in dollars. As mentioned, I am paying effectively outside the country - the transaction will be from Australia to the US


Thanks for your comments!

Can I again just mention, that I am paying one year in USD upfront, and Im not so concerned with the price in pesos versus dollars. I will be paying $900 a month for a great Ph in Recoleta (comparing this to a similar house in Sydney, my home city, I really dont think its a bad deal).

BUT my main question with this post was to find out if an increase in rent each year of about 20% is fair and reasonable when when paying in dollars.