Rental rules/regs

Hoping a few experienced members can provide some information regarding the current rules or regs regarding apartment rentals. I have an apartment in Las Canitas that is finally ready to rent (had to have some modest renovations which took forever!). A few questions:

1. Do I have to offer a minimum 3 year lease, or can I offer a shorter period (I’m not interested in Air BnB style renting - I want to find out if I can do a 1 or 2 year lease);
2. Does the answer above change if it a furnished apartment?
3. Can I request payment in dollars, or do I have to accept pesos?
4. Does it have to be a flat rate for the lease term, or can it escalate?

Thanks in advance for your help.

steve. there are no rules. you own the apartment. i only do short term rentals. have for 12 years. if you are using a real estate agent, you need to find one that does that kind of business. not all are. next is management. paying the expenses. some want to do it for a fee. if you can find local resourses and trust them, use them. i have a friend that rents for me with his contract, he has rentals and his daughter manages for 20%. i never wanted long term rentals. its not available when i want to use it. i have had executive rentals in the us before airbnb and vrbo. i catered to business people only. vacation people are... well on vaction. long term are depending, harmful to the unit in overuse and lazy. you need to renovate when they leave. depends on your comfort level. business rentals were hard to come by in argentina. in twelve years on short term rentals it has covered my expenses only. but i don’t work it. i look at it as diversified investment and a place to use now outside the us and spend part time in retirement. if i am not mistaken, and would welcome comment, if you have residency, you pay 1% of your world wealth every year. hope this helps
There are no rules? Really? Read the law.
Eviction is difficult, this is why many owners prefers short terma rentals.
i was under the impression things had changed. screening is important, know the source of the refferal. long term has never apealed to me or the open market to which you are advertising. use a good agent, rent to professionals, it worked for me. in BA i rent to patients of a transplant hospital. they are always respectfull, and cant wait to go home. in alaska there are simular rules. you cant through them out during winter months. i think they quite paying in october and wait to leave in april without paying. in my city in the US, if they don’t want to pay, the court process takes about 90 days to evict. choose you market carefully, location and price dictate clientle, and screen them on profession and ability to pay.
sorry for my spelling, in closing, the lower end market has more risks for problems. bajo 2. you are right when a problem occurs. its one one the reasons outside money wants no part of mortgage lending. foreclosure laws don’t exist or are hard to enforce.