Renting Apartments, Good Companies


Jun 6, 2005
Hi! I'd like to rent out my furnished apartment to foreigners and am looking for a good company to go with. I would've liked to have done it myself, but really it's too much work and I don't have the contacts, advertising budget or I won't be living in Argentina after this year. Does anyone know good agencies or bad agencies (so I don't go with them)?
I can give you a list of 400 emails from immobliarias if you are interested. You can send them an email all at the same time
Thanks for the note about the BAD rental company. I definitely won't choose them. About the list of 400 companies.... that is a bit overwhelming. If someone has a recomendation or two for good companies, it'd be much appreciated. Thanks for responding!
And FYI:
I own an apartment. I am looking for someone or some company to rent it out to other people.
BA houses and Byt?
The list you can use to write an email to real estate agents with what you want 20 to 50 then will respond and you can make your own pick
It´s prolly cheaper then renting by an agency
What is you apartment like? I can contact you with very reputable RE agents to manage it.