Renting Apartments, Good Companies

Hi! I'd like to rent out my furnished apartment to foreigners and am looking for a good company to go with. I would've liked to have done it myself, but really it's too much work and I don't have the contacts, advertising budget or I won't be living in Argentina after this year. Does anyone know good agencies or bad agencies (so I don't go with them)?
I can tell you about 1 BAD company. It is called
I wish that I could say something positive about my experience renting an apartment from this website...unfortunately I can not.

The apartment that we rented for 1 full month was the apartment at Charcas y Gurruchaga - Palermo Soho.

It is a dump! We had to leave after 2 weeks due to the mold growing on the walls and the terrible bathroom. The kitchen is NOT an American style kitchen at all. This so called "apartment" is horrible. In fact, when we returned two days later to retrieve the rest of our belongings we found that they had changed the locks and refused to return our things!

We had to wait 2 weeks to get our things back and then they refused to give back our deposit so we ended up paying $1800 for two weeks of hell in that dump! We never even got back all of things...they actually STOLE some of them. In addition to that when we finally got what we did back they had "stored" it in garbage bags so quite a few things were ruined and had to be thrown away. I am not sure to what degree the people who run the site were in on this SCAM but I would stay away from the apartment that we rented via the site.

I would really think twice about renting from Zen Argentina. We will certainly never make the mistake again and hope that you can learn from our experience!
Thanks for the note about the BAD rental company. I definitely won't choose them. About the list of 400 companies.... that is a bit overwhelming. If someone has a recomendation or two for good companies, it'd be much appreciated. Thanks for responding!
BA houses and Byt?
The list you can use to write an email to real estate agents with what you want 20 to 50 then will respond and you can make your own pick
It´s prolly cheaper then renting by an agency