Rentista Visa Renewal Questions


Jun 10, 2009

This is my first post. We have a rentista visa that has to be renewed in November. I haven't read any recent posts about the rentista visa renewal process. Has anyone done it recently? Is it hard if your Spanish is bad?

Thanks for your advice.
I made a number of posts on the subject earlier this year and you will be able to find them using the search engine of the forum (search under my username).

For the past three years I have gone to migraciones with a woman from Uruguay and she translates for me. She has been able to answer all questions that were asked and even overcame a "serious" challenge to my renewal with one sentence. As you might expect, she does not charge the same rates as a lawyer. You can send me a PM with you contact details for more information if you are interested in speaking with her.
Hi, I know an excellent attorney here in Buenos Aires who specializes on these kinds of questions. You can contact him at [email protected] his name is Sergio Orellana. Best,
Can anyone tell me if visitor visas are now required, much like for Brazil? I have visited BsAs many times in the past without problems, only staying several weeks each time. But, I heard that beginning in 2009, there were adopting a reciprocity process since we require, I guess, Argentineans to have a visitor visa to enter the U.S. Any help appreciated as I'm planning on returning in December for an annual visit.
While they've been talking about enforcing it they have yet to impose the visa fee for US Passport holders. No telling if they'll have implemented the visa fee in December 2009...
Yes, they wanted to start charging entrance fee on January 1st, then postponed it til March 1st, then postponed it indefinitely.
My understanding wasn't that you would need to apply for a visa ahead of time, like Brasil, but rather that they'd just start charging for the visitor visa when you came in. Visitor visas are *always* required in Argentina, it is just that you automatically get a 90-day visitor visa for free on entry.