Repairing a BlackBerry

I brought my BlackBerry Curve with me to have access to my email easily, but the trackball has stopped working properly. Does anyone know of a repair shop in Buenos Aires that can clean/fix/replace it? From what I've read on US sites, it's a common problem. The Personal and Movistar sites both show the model I have so I assume it is supported here as well.
Hi Trixie,
I know one store on Mendoza 2453 in Belgrano, almost the corner with Cabildo. It´s called LONDIU and their phone numer is 47862000. I brought my mobile phone there. I still have to pick it up and see if everything is alright, but they seem to know what they are doing even though the place looks quite chaotic. You also get a three-months garantuee on their service. I hope that was of help. Good luck.
Thanks for the suggestion Corinheta. I'll definitely check them out.
I took it to a guy that a friend of mine found on Mercado Libre - He said he took it apart and cleaned the trackball area, but when i picked it up today, it still didn't work correctly.
Have you picked yours up yet?