Republicans Sought


Nov 5, 2016
Trump provides us with an opportunity. Join me for a meetup in Palermo. We need to overhaul the US government and how it relates to US citizens.
FANTASTIC !!! i'd love to meet REPUBLICAN - CONSERVATIVES. Any time any place. Have Sube card, can travel
meeting at the american sports bar at gurrachaga and costa ricca, tomorrow superbowl sunday 8 pm
I'm not republican, but watching the Superbowl there sounds fun! What a fun idea. :) Too bad I'm not there yet...

I've caught two Olympics and one big US presidential election from Argentina... something about watching those kinds of things from abroad makes me feel more patriotic or something haha.

Have fun & cheers!
today at 8 pm, the sports bar next to moo alabama at garachaga and costa rica. greens and bernie bros welcome. we need to radically overhaul how the us gov. relates to us citizens. we want an end to the police state and the phony events that justify it.
Iran is not our enemy, the whole affair looks like golf of tonkin 2.0 we need to let republicans know. we didnt want the warmonger hillary and we dont want trump doing the bidding of know who. if you dont know, come and find out