Residence status for income tax: when does the calculation start?

Hi everyone,

I'm back with another question, this time about residence status. I'm a bit confused as to how this residency duration is calculated.

I entered Argentina August 3rd. I started working shortly after. My official contract working date states August 10th. I received the Certificado of Residencia Precaria on marked with a date of August 7th. Then, in November I received the Disposition of Residence that proves my temporary residence has been granted.

I would like to know when I fall into the tax payer status of non-residents located in Argentina on a permanent basis (NRPP). Apparently, this is after 6 months of working on a temporary visa. Have those 6 months already past? When do these 6 months start being calculated? When I entered the country August 3rd? When i got the Certificado of Residencia Precaria marked August 7th? Or when I received the Disposition of Residence in November?

The KPMG website says:
"What if the assignee enters the country before their assignment begins? The individual would be subject to Argentine income tax when he/she enters the country after obtaining his/her temporary visa. As explained above, the way of being subject to income would vary depending on the time the individual spends in Argentina. Working without the proper visa is prohibited."

Thank you for your help!