Residency with Unión Convivencial en 2 year expired visa


Aug 20, 2018
Hi everyone! I guess this topic has been dealt with thorughly, buy I am looking for recent experiences.

My boyfriend (no Mercosur) has been here for almost 3 years, with a visa extention and a Uruguay (it's been 2 years since his visa expired).We got our Unión convivencial in January, we are a legit couple since the beginning but I had several family issues (my bedridden 80 year old father) that made us not to take care of his DNI. He gets some residual income so he does not work.

Even though he had a legitimate reason to apply for a residency (unión convivencial with a citizen), I started freaking out about the immigration process. Last time (2016) he got rejected because there was no category that would fit him. Even the immigration officer suggested unión convivencial and we decided to wait for the 2 years required, even though we know that they don't give much attention at registro civil. But the goverment changed and some rules may have changed as well.

I believe that we have all the documentation needed. He only left the country once to Uruguay and he even got a new passport at his embassy because his expired. Only his country's police record is 2 year old, but he has not returned.

Any similar experience will give me some peace of mine. Thanks for reading!