Responsible Expat In Need Of Apartment Or House For Family


Dec 4, 2013
Good evening everyone,
I am not a newcomer to Buenos Aires and I am not a retiree who has come here to enjoy my later years. I am an an American in his mid-20s living here like a normal person. I have a baby on the way (which could be born at any moment) and I am desperately in need of an apartment or house for my family to live. For the most part it is for my new son, his mother and her niece. I will spend time there but spend most of my time working and I have a small office/pad. So a nice sized 2 or 3 bedroom would be fine.
I have two main problems getting in my way. The first is the "garantia propietaria" that many landlords request here. I know lots of people but none that own property here in the city and are able to do that. The second problem is the ridiculous amount of money needed between deposits and realtor fees. Money is not a huge problem for me but obviously with the baby ready to arrive and already supporting myself plus one money flow is not in its ideal moment right now.
So this is a shoutout to any expat property owners or their local friends that recognize the situation. I am an excellent tenant and have references to support it. I take pride in the place I live whether or not I own it and I can say the same about my family. I work in a group greatly involved in construction and I can take care of the majority of necessary minor repairs and renovations myself.
Those who cannot personally help me if you have any tips or could point me in the right direction that would be great. I have been here for 6 years and am familiar with sites such as but I am considering other options.
Thanks in advance!