Retiring in the US and moving back to Buenos Aires: need contador!!


Hi everybody!
I'm an Argentinian college professor teaching at CUNY (NYC) and I've lived in the US for 32 years. I am planning on retiring this coming year and going back to Buenos Aires.
I need help with an accountant in order to know how to manage my US retirement money in Argentina.
Please let me know if you have a recommendation or can direct me to a source of information regarding this sticky issue!

I was a rock star in Argentina during the 70's: you can Google me as: Alas "Gustavo Moretto" (copy and paste...)

My email is:

Thank you!



I was a rock star in Argentina during the 70's: you can Google me as: Alas "Gustavo Moretto" (copy and paste...)
Very much true my wife, flower of the time, assures me. Content is on Youtube and a comment on one album by a fan reads (translation) "I saw them live at a festival that was held at the Platense Stadium on December 25, 1976, they started playing "Aire" (a song). Along with Gustavo Moretto and Carlos Riganti, Pedro Aznar played bass after Alex Zucker left. It was a super band of Argentine Rock at the highest level of musical quality. How little we value what is ours." Interesting. I would be interested in any information regarding recommendation for an accountant as well.


cant help you with the accountant- although I think you may want to keep a fair amount of your investments/savings in the US, and access it as needed, as the dollar is so much more stable than the peso.
but you are, indeed, a rock star- Alemendra! Invisibles!
you should have been interviewed for Rompan Todos.
and when you get back, you should sit in with Santiago and the band at La Grande.


Thank you Sojourner, and your wife, for your kind comments. I'm lucky I'm still remembered after a combined 37 years of not living in Argentina!
I'm looking for an accountant to live off my US retirement from a professorship at City University of New York (CUNY). I'm an Argentinean national so I might get punished for that : )


Thank you Ries!
Big controversy about Rompan Todos!! Santaolalla was a friend of mine back in the 70's, not anymore after he got the two well deserved Oscars for best music. In his documentary left out much of the crème of the crème of the music scene on the 70's with groups that are part of the cultural folklore of Argentina. Mmmm, why would he do that?
It's nice to make your acquaintance Ries!


Hi Fiscal,

I'm in a very secure and comfortable position in the US as of today.
After 32 years living here I still don't have friends to spend time together.
After a 30 year marriage to an American woman I'm single and truing and not succeeding in finding a partner.
Loneliness would encapsulate my existential experience here.
That in spite of me being a highly social person and being fairly well educated.
I was (am?) a very famous musician in Argentina and have many colleagues and some family left.
In terms of my personal idiosyncrasies I remain very much an Argentina (with very welcome corrections from learning from the American culture)
I don't know if I put this info in this thread yet but you can google me like this: Alas "gustavo moretto" (copy and paste)
Thank you for your inquiry. Writing about it brings clarity to myself!


Have you ever considered going to milongas in the US to socialize? Most milongas have a few Argentine people and usually everyone wants to be their friend. Plus many tango dancers have been to or plan to visit Buenos Aires and like to talk about it.


Hang in there, this is no time to come back to this shithole. Never was, but now it will get much worse.

My country, as i am also an Argie, besides all its good and bad, has a major drawback that it is harder to go from here to the rest of the world.
From where you are, you can travel everywhere. You have options.
Options are a diminishing species down here.
The government will screw you every possible way out of your retirement funds and savings as they have done before, even with foreign citizens. Remember that once, (years ago) they grabbed the - foreign and double nationality - pensions (hard currency) and pessified them into funny money.
The legal and judicial systems are a joke, no warranties for the common citizen.

As someone who lived long enough in the first world and came back to Argentonia, i can relate to you going to an expat group for advise.

Stay where you are or move to another civilized country. This is like crossing to East Berlin before the 90s.

Come take a look, spend summer here if you will and picture this as getting worse and you'll sober up fast enough.

There's a far better option waiting for you out there. Nostalgia is not worth jumping into the void.



I love your name Macanudo!
I know just about every tango musician in New York and one of the organizers of a well attended Milonga is a good friend of mine.
I recognize the need of this society to gather around structured events (churches, etc.) but miss the friend that comes unannounced to my place and opens my fridge and starts eating my food without asking me. Hanging out in a café for hours talking about life, art, politics. I'm an artist and that's the food artists feed from to be truly creative. I know this sounds idealized but some of that is inherent to the philosophy of life in Argentina.