Returning to Argentina


I'm a US citizen with Argentine Permanent Residency looking for a job and need to head to the US for an interview. Are there any issues with returning to Argentina from abroad and does anyone have experience with this?

My wife's family lives in the north of Buenos Aires so I'm a little worried about getting back to the house here. My DNI has by residence in CABA.

Ronnie Hotdogs

There's no check between your DNI and your residency. I don't have my DNI and I have entered the country twice since the quarantine.

You will have to fill in the declaracion jurada for wherever you are staying when you do the 2 week quarantine when you come back.


I suggest you, and others, take things a bit more seriously when traveling. At present, prior to entering Argentina, you must sign an affidavit (declaration jurada) whereby you commit to self quarantine for 14 days on arrival. Other cities, like new York, have a similar requirement.
It seems to me that too many people take this legal document or obligation very lightly, or ignore it. That is, they don't self-quarantine for the full 14 days. What are the risks? Here are some simple examples: a neighbor catches covid, and dies. You may get blamed for causing the death. Another case, a neighbor of yours reports you to the authorities and you earn some trouble. And the list of consequences, for not abiding by what you swore to do, can go on and on.

If you are not going to quarantine and comply with local laws, don't travel. And if you insist on traveling and not complying with what you agreed to do, I hope they catch you and make you pay for your non-compliance.