Rigged Can Meters


Apr 1, 2009
I just had 2 returns to the airport and both American tourists that don't speak Spanish had no problems other than each having a taxi rigging the meter. One ride was from Palermo Hollywood to San Telmo for $50AR, other one had a worse example. I hear that one block should run about 38cAR.

Also more complaints about cabs giving back false bills as change. I saw a fake $100AR the other day (not from a cab) and it was a pretty good job, you really had to look close to tell even had a watermark, but without the depth of a real one. Be careful!

ooops should have been Cab and not Can in header, can't fix that in edit :(
this sounds like a self plug for your own car service .........siverstar........hmm
I don´t think Fred is trying to carry ALL tourists around the city, in place of the taxi´s they usually take. I was told only 5 days ago by an expat that she was handed fake bills as change for her cabfare, so I second the OP, in WARNING ALL TAXI RIDERS to carry SMALL CHANGE AND PAY EXACT CABFARE!!

Don´t pay with large bills! At most take the risk of only a 5 or 10 peso bill for change, that wouldn´t be such a great loss, and can be passed on.

BTW Fred, I´m the guy who spotted you in Recoleta about 10 days ago. Great ride you´ve got there!! Don´t travel much but I will recommend you.
Cheers, Joe!

First of all I must say Iam a local but regarding these problems with taxi drivers overcharging and other problems you may have for not knowing sometimes how much things are in our country, why don`t you at least give a try to Comisaria del Turista I looked it up on internet and here are the results, they speak English, italian, french as you will see below, and pls let us know what happens when you denounce these problems
COMISARíA DEL TURISTA Atiende denuncias de los turistas víctimas de delitos, robos, hurtos, extravíos, paraderos y desencuentros.
Actúa en prevención del delito.
Asiste en trámites especiales ante embajadas o consulados.

Cuenta con intérpretes en inglés, italiano, francés, portugués, ucraniano y japonés.
Dirección: Av. Corrientes 436
Teléfono: 0800 999 5000 / 4346 5748
mail: [email protected]
Well I just don't use 100 peso bills anymore, I've been handed 2 fake 100s in the past and now I just don't use them, and if I really have no choice, I memorize the last 3 digits of its serial number so if anything happens, I'll be so sure I'll do something about it
As a side note: cab drivers will try to do these things to both tourists and locals. Also, if you want a safe cab, call a reputable radio taxi company...you snooze, you lose!
Just make sure its a licensed cab - radiotaxi etc and always keep small bills on you.

Getting into an unlicensed cab with a 100 peso note and no spanish is a recipe for trouble sadly.
Before handing the taxi driver a bill, hold the bill up to the light and make it clear that you've inspected the bill. We ALWAYS check our bills as soon as we get them from the ATM machine, but we just illustrate to the cab driver that we have checked it (right in front of him) so he won't be able to swap them out.
The best is probally to only pay with small bills and pay close to what you have to pay.

Get your small bills by paying with 100's in restaurants, MC, Burger King or places like that. In 4 years eating there I have never gotten a fake bill

If you know the meter is rigged, make him stop at a corner where a police officer is(most of the times it's near your place you need to go). Get out and don't pay. If he will get angry talk to the police. The only thing is that you need atleast some level of Spanish.

That would stop you from having to go to police-office. If you want to go, make sure you have the plate numbers of the car