Rollerblading anyone?


Hello there,

Anyone up for rollerblading on the weekends? I can make it around 5 on Sundays. Puerto Madero is a great spot or, if you need to rent rollerblades, we can try that area in Palermo around the lake near the Rose Garden.

I can also bring my frisbee with me and try some throws. Need someone to help me out with that!

Sunny day a must!


I was talking to a friend last night about this. He went to that lake in Palermo last weekend... he said that he made 5 trips around it. ;-)

I've got blades, but I don't know if this is the weekend I'll go. A good idea though.

[thumps up]


Hi Napoleon,

In summer I use to rollerblade in Puerto Madero after work, around 8pm. The condition of the pavement is very good there. Smooth, pleasant. The atmosphere of the area at night is great. Now it is a little bit cold to really enjoy it, so for now I go there only on the weekends.

Drop me a line whenever you feel like joining. Saturday might work too.