Romantic Argentina 1932

EvergreenGal said:
Ah, if it was all so simple now as it was then....:)

Quien sabe? Eighty years from now some my look back to the life in BA of 2009 and say the same thing.
Were monedas more abundant back then?

And how much was a roundtrip flight back to the States on a Boeing 777?

And if they didn't have 4 cable channels show futbol 20-24 hours a day, I don't even want to know.

But if I could keep my same cell number and go back in time... ahh, forget it.
Napoleon said:
Were monedas more abundant back then? . . . .
That, they were (though Argentina already had endured inflation and default before), just as you surmised.
I was in a "Cambio" place about 10 days ago with a friend who had just arrived in town and they had some old money framed. One item was a 50 Centavos BILL!If they still had bills down to 50 Centavos, we'd need a bag just to carry around all the money we needed.

I loved the law of men not being able to be without a coat. And due to the heat some of them wore pyjama coats!