roommate for apartment with swimming pool


Aug 27, 2006
I am looking for a roommate for a temp rent (2+2) appartment (i am alone and looking for only 1 person extra)
Its a brand new deluxe two bedroom place with all possible necesities like rooftop swimming pool/AC/wifi ... to get trough the summer in style., I will be renting it from october possibly untill february (i currently already confirmed for october-november)
I am looking for someone "relaxed" between 20/30, m/f
I work in BA for a EU company, I have a EU quality living lifestyle with going out 2 times a week untill 3-5 am ... a person with similar lifestyle would be the best ...
I would like to meet any person that might be interested in person (or talk for some hours over skype or telephone )
The roommate will have to pay the difference between a 1 bedroom and a 2 bedroom place ... thats some hundred US$
If you contact me I can send you pictures and a description of the place
my email is fil ip @ c (remove spaces from email)