Root canal in ba?? Please help on advice


Hi! I got s root canal in the states before coming and I think it failed, does anyone have any advice on a good dentist or any experience? Any info will be grately appreciated, my head is pounding :(


I did not have a good experience at all with Dr. Pelcman, I has been referred to Dr. Martinez Lalis (who happens to be an endodontist) by my dentist. Dr. Claudio Sorrentino



I second the Pelcman recommendation.

I f interested his numbers are 4821 3734 or 4821 9070. Address is Av Santa Fe 3444 #10A.

Good luck Tooth ache is no fun.


No matter what the date, I would highly recommend Dr. Eugenio Henry:

Address: Viamonte 749
Phone: 4322.0274

-He's literally got a wall of over 20 Diplomas and Certificiates of Continuing Education/Seminars from Argentina & the US.
-He's got a picture with Queen Elizabeth II from when he practiced in the Bahamas (or Bermuda... don't remember which).
-His English is very good. (though his secretary's English is not*)
-He has been (or maybe still is) an instructor in Odontology.

Dr. Bettina Pettiti** ( & sends all of her patients to him for root canals because he's the best and that's what she wants for her patients.

I actually had 3 different teeth that needed root canals (all were already dead) and he did them all (not the same day).

*The secretary addresses me by my last name. Not "Mr. Bonaparte***", but "Bonaparte"... because I think that she thinks that my last & first names are the other way around.

**Dr. Pettiti is arguably who/what I miss most about Argentina while I've been in the States this time around. And who have you ever heard say "I miss my dentist?"

***My last name isn't really "Bonaparte" and my first name isn't really "Napoleon".


By the way, where are you guys getting your tooth cleaned.

One of the famous dentists listed above, send me to a dentist in belgrano. The dentist charged me 300 pesos for 33% cleaning.

I can not imagine cleaning to be that expensive.

Suggest me alteratives, guys. English speaking a must.

And as I understand the infamous dentists of BA do not do tooth cleaning.