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Local assistance needed! An Aussie Rugby club is touring Argentina in Feb 2011. The club have run a charitable project called Boots To Buenos Aires in the hope that they can donate rugby boots (in excellent condition) to a needy club / school etc. We now have hundreds of boots that will be brought with us to BA in Feb but we have not been able to make contact with a club / school who would be keen to receive our donation.

The boys are also willing to give up a day or two of their tour to give something back to the local community in any way they can.

Can anyone assist with contacts or recommendations?
Many thanks!
Be delighted to help - clubs such as Olivos are always doing wonderful things for their club members & the local community.

Contact there would be Alejandro Silva - he speaks fluent English & plays for their ORCAS veteran side. Local work phone # is: 4718-0343 & e.comms is

He´s in the import / export business so may well be a great contact for other BAEXPAT members.

Cheers - Allan


You can contact Virreyes Rugby Club. « Virreyes Rugby Social Club » teaches to these lower class children the values that rugby carries, reinstating them in the argentinan society. They received the 2010 Rugby Spirit (Espiritu del Rugby) award by the IRB.

If you want you can contact Mr. Pablo Vazquez, who is the person responsible for coordinating the children divisions in Club Ferrocarril General San Martin (known as Pacific). They usually help Virreyes.
If you contact him, you can tell him that you were referred by the mother of Prokopic (M-7).
Pablo's email:


I have been doing service education for almost 30 years and I dare to just give a tip. I would say just make sure you do homework on who is receiving your donations. It is not uncommon that a lot of donations go to people who are not actually in need. Foreign goods, any, are a commodity here and many times things do not end up in the hands of the needy...sadly so