rules about marriage?


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I would like to get married (US Citizen) to my fiance ( Argentine, and US Citizen, he has two passports). They said we have to contact the US Embassy and the US Embassy must confirm we are not married to anyone in the states. I did contact the US Embassy, I then sent them an email as instructed,requesting this, ( this was one month ago), they responded with an automatic email and I haven't heard from them since. What are your experiences about getting married to an Argentine being an American? I don't have a temp. residency. I get stamped out regularly. What are the procedures, from what I read it seems easy.


I'm jumping through similiar hoops at the moment ...

Both the Australian Embassy and the Civil Registry have confirmed that the only requirement is to produce the Aussie passport - they don't need to see a Certificate of No Impediment. Great

The church on the other hand! Although I'm now a card-carrying-Atheist, I was baptized and wife-to-be is Catholic, so we've booked a nice church for the ceremony. They require the full original baptism certificate, they insist on keeping it for life, they require full proof that I've never married, never divorced. And it seems every time we go there with updated paperwork they announce something else we need to provide!

We'll get it sorted but it's an extra stress to deal with when there's so much else to plan.

Good luck with your wedding and hope it's a great day!
I know this is a vague answer, but you are right about it being easy. I married my Argentine wife in BA without a problem. Getting a translator was the most time-consuming part.


texxaslonghorn said:
No church needed. We did it at the registrar civil.
correct - you're legally married at the Civil.

The church is the non-official but cultural/religious union