Running, Biking, And/or Swimming Groups. Oh And Yoga!


Feb 5, 2011
Setting a goal to start training for a triathlon. Anyone with knowledge of special groups to join? And, I also would like to begin Yoga - although I have intermediate knowledge of Spanish, an English Speaker would be best. Anyone know of anything?
There is a hot/bikram yoga on avenida las heras in Palermo. Assume there wouldn't be any English but it could be a good way to practice your Spanish. A friend of my gfs goes there and reckons its really good.
yoga buena onda is great! all classes are in english and every teacher is awesome! they have classes in san thelmo and las canitas, and i think will start more in chacarita and recoleta as well. they also offer bootcamp and the bootcamp leader is amazing!
@kevinjh, I moved here from San Diego (home of triathlon) where I got really spoiled. We had 5000 members in the SD Triathlon Club and every night of the week there was 3 or 4 free training events/classes by professional coaches. I completed 22 triathlons in 3 years.

Moving here is a different story. There are only a couple of bike / tri shops in my area. One you might want to check out is This is in Belgrano on Av. Congresso.

I did find this training group I must admit it was hard for me to get into the idea of training for triathlons here in BsAs. There is no open-water swim course like La Jolla Cove's 4 km course and I just didn't feel like always being on guard while riding my Focus (the wheels alone would pay someone's rent for months). I left my bike back home in Philly.

After a lot of thought I decided to switch sports to inline speed skating. There is a very large contingent of skaters here in BsAs and I have less worry of someone stealing my skates off of my feet. :) Also, the availability of parts (wheels and bearings) is much better than bike parts.

Having said all of that I can think of no other sports that offer such a complete training program than triathlon. Completing a triathlon is an accomplishment. Hook up with the guys at 11 Fondo. They do go on long weekday rides. However, their English is very, very basic. The guy who runs Grupo F has much better English.

If I see you on your road bike I'll tuck in behind you on my skates. :)

Good luck!
Hi Kevin,

A while ago I was looking at the same topic and came across this triathlon school in Belgrano:

They also have a gym / training room and a 25m pool, all included in the monthly fee (about AR$ 450), so it's a good choice if you were already planning on spending on a gym. It's very close to my future office so I was planning on taking a look for later in the year.

I will likely start by joining some of the running clubs' open training runs just to get back in rhythm, and then look at a more structured program.