Running Buddies Wanted


Jul 6, 2009

Myself and my gal are fresh off the boat from Dublin. With all this ice-cream and steak around I've decided to start training for the Buenos Aires Marathon in October.

With that in mind I'm looking for running buddies. I'm aiming for sub 4 hours this time around. Last time I checked I was doing about 12 miles in 2hrs10 so there is a bit of improvement to go there.

I'm based on Godoy Cruz/Nicaragura in Palermo.



If you look through some of the older posts there was a running group started up. Although I think only a couple of people turned up.

I live round the corner from you and I run but I have been deeply distracted from my running recently!

I'd be happy to come for a run but I need to break myself in gently for the first few outings.

I've just moved down from Vicente Lopez whee there was some great places to run along the shore of the river but I'm not sure where is a good place to run around here.....although it's a good way to explore if you take a map.

I'll go for a test run tomorrow, see how I hold up!

Hey Rich -

Heading down Godoy Cruz towards Av Del Liberatador seems to be a good bet. There are some parks down there. I'll be taking it pretty handy for a good while yet also. Let me know if you fancy some company tomorrow. Any time from 4 on suits me.

Hi there James,

I'm presently back in Dublin for the next three months, but will be back in BA in November, after running the Dublin Marathon in October, hopefully in just under 4 hours! There is a good running scene in BA, and plenty of local races to keep you going besides the Marathon, as you prepare for the 42 K.

Not sure how good your Spanish is, but heres a link to a good site
It has a good race calendar on it, and races are FAR cheaper to enter than at home, and very well organised. If you see an online entry form and it asks for your DNI, you will find your passport number will suffice - its just a way of identifying the runner.

If you need a hand with Spanish let me know, as my gf is in BsAs and a language teacher (she's Argentine) too.

Let me know if you find a good training group for the running.
Hey Liam

Thanks for the links. My Spanish is pretty basic right now but I get the jiste of the website. It looks like there is a lot of running activity going on. I have excuse not to train now ;(

Good luck with the Dublin marathon. My only advice is that its a helluva uphill from Castleknock to UCD even if it doesn't look like it on the map.

I'll let you know if I find a good group.


Hi James,

I to am fresh off the boat from Dublin. I did the New York marathon in 2007 and am thinking about doing another one. Let me know if you find any good routes or if you want some company. I´m also living in Palermo.

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Hey Darragh -

Excellent news. In typical fashion I haven't managed to get out for a run once since posting this originally. I'll DM you my contact details and we can sort something out.

Geez - As soon as I head home for a few months, Dublin empties out into BsAs.... Enjoy the running lads (when you get around to it J!) - Had a great Sunday on the Hill watching the Dubs win a 5th Leinster in a row - Onwards to September :)
Hola A todos. for a very good expat running club can i suggest the Buenos Aires Hash House Harriers. They meet every second sunday in different parts of the city.There is a wimps and machos trail all marked with flour and chalk.The group is about 50 /50 between expats and argentines. and after the run there is lots of beer and food and all for only 15 pesos. If interested please contact [email protected] to be added to the mailing list
John Boyle
I a hiking club saved my life many times. I am in Mendoza providence but still would like to net work with people who like to hike