Running in Recoleta...suggestions, please!


Sep 2, 2009
Hi all...I looked through all of the old posts that have anything to do with running first, but didn't find what I was looking for. I was wondering if someone could suggest a good running route for Recoleta. I went to the Reserva Ecologica but I am looking for something a little closer (ideally a 5-6 mile run) near to (or within running distance) to Recoleta. There are several parks but they are so teeny I would feel like a hamster in a wheel! :) Thanks ahead of time for the help, it is much appreciated!
I haven't found anything better than the Ecological Reserve...

Elsewhere, the parks are surrounded by cars and pollution -- my lungs feel like they're going to collapse.
Sorry about not responding sooner Katie.

Here is the deal: I do not run for 10 miles a day. I have bone spurs and plantar facitis which would accelerate the pain by running long periods outside...although I do enjoy it, not 10 miles. I run everyday at the gym and mix it up with my workouts. At the gym, you don't have the pollution or traffic to contend with. That being said....when I do run outside or take my bike, I go down Figueroa Alcorta to the Rosedahl. Once there you can see several paths on the right side towards the observatorio. You can keep exploring in that direction and go well past Belgrano if you choose to do so. Beautiful scenery on a nice spring day. I do not know, but I have been told the paths go all the way to San Isidro. The farthest I have been in that direction is on the Costanera near the little park for the "Desparacidos" and the Dirty War. I don't particularly like it along the coast as you get plane noise and it seems a bit scuffy down there on weekends.
Thanks guys! I will try the run you suggested "rmartin" this afternoon! I am only doing like 5 today, so it will be a shorter run. I am going to look up that route right now! :) Muchas Gracias!
I run Av al Libetador...until I get to Parque 3 de a few laps around the lake there and run back but obviously this is only good for about an hour Max...hope this helps
Hi, is good if you run all over Av. Del Libertador, up to Plaza Fracia, and if you like fashion you can go on thru Av. Alvear where you can see shops and Alvear hotel.
Have a nice run